Practice Areas

General Counselling and Retainer

We provide general counseling and retainer services which entitle our clients to legal correspondences and consultations in their regular course of business operations.

Litigation and Arbitration

We handle disputes involving all areas and stages of judicial (civil, criminal, commercial) and/or administrative cases whether through litigation, settlement, or mediation.

Corporate Services

We advise and assist our clients in the formation, maintenance and governance of business organisations including corporations, partnerships, and joint ventures.

Labor and Employment

We represent employers and employees in all types of Labor Standards and Labor Relations concerns.


We help companies and individuals to resolve issues involving income, business and transfer taxation.

Education Law

The field of education law is an important practice area for RJB Law Firm.  We provide assistance for schools, colleges, universities and individuals in resolving cases

Real Estate and Property Management

We counsel our clients in various aspects of real estate law including property acquisitions and sales of commercial, industrial, and residential properties, leasing and subleasing

Family Relations, Estate Planning and Personal Injury

We handle persons and family relations cases and find effective solutions, having in mind the best interests of our clients and their families.

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